Tragic Tale Unfolds: Ohio Teen Accused of Murdering Boyfriend’s Mother


In a shocking turn of events, an Ohio teenager, Kaitlyn Coones, aged 17, has been accused of the heinous murder of her older boyfriend’s mother, 53-year-old Nicole Jones. The chilling incident, which unfolded in May, recently came to light during Coones’ first court appearance on Friday, as reported by local news.

Kaitlyn Coones allegedly killed Jonathan Jones’ 53-year-old mother, Nicole Jones, inside the woman’s Sylvania Township home — only after she gave him an ultimatum to do it himself, prosecutors revealed for the first time on Nov. 17. (Cochise County Sheriff’s Office)

The details revealed during the court proceedings paint a disturbing picture of the events leading up to the tragic incident. Allegedly, Coones issued an ultimatum to her boyfriend, Jonathan Jones, demanding that they take action against his mother, claiming that Nicole was a barrier to their relationship. Sylvania Township Detective Albright disclosed that Coones insisted Jonathan should handle the situation himself.

The investigation uncovered that Coones had been residing in Jonathan’s room within Nicole’s house as a foster child. To conceal her presence, she would reportedly enter the house through Jonathan’s bedroom window without his mother’s knowledge.

On the day of Nicole Jones’ murder, Kaitlyn Coones allegedly gave her boyfriend, Jonathan Jones, pitcured here, five hours to kill his mother himself. After five hours had passed, she gave him another hour before allegedly taking the crime into her own hands, ABC 13 reported. (Cochise County Sheriff’s Office)

On the fateful day of Nicole’s murder, Coones purportedly gave Jonathan a five-hour window to carry out the act. When he failed to do so, she granted him an additional hour before allegedly taking matters into her own hands. Shockingly, during Nicole’s unsuspecting moment by the refrigerator, Coones is accused of strangling and bludgeoning her with a rock while Jonathan remained in the living room, unaware of the unfolding tragedy.

Following the gruesome act, the suspects reportedly purchased trash bags and a tarp, using them to wrap Nicole’s body. They then meticulously cleaned the crime scene before transporting the victim’s body to a nearby apartment building, where it was discarded in a dumpster. Tragically, investigators express doubts about the possibility of recovering Nicole’s body.

Adding another layer to this tragic narrative, it was revealed that Coones had been reported missing from state custody by Stark County Children’s Services in April. The subsequent investigation into her disappearance led local authorities to name Jonathan Jones as a suspect. It was believed that the pair had fled to Mexico. However, U.S. Marshals apprehended Jones in Mexico on May 8, leading to the discovery of Coones, who was subsequently charged with aggravated murder, murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

While Nicole Jones was looking in the refrigerator, the 17-year-old allegedly strangled her and bludgeoned her in the head with a rock while Jonathan Jones was in the living room, prosecutors testified, according to ABC 13. (Google Maps)

The unfolding events in this case highlight the disturbing nature of the alleged crime and the complex dynamics that surrounded the individuals involved. As the legal proceedings progress, the community is left grappling with the shock and sorrow stemming from this tragic incident. The investigation serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in identifying and addressing potential threats to the well-being of vulnerable individuals within our communities.


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