This Thanksgiving favorite costs the most in California


It’s a staple for Thanksgiving dinner: Pumpkin Pie. Americans consume about 50 million pumpkin pies every November. And this year, it could cost you more!

New research reveals California is the most expensive place to buy a pumpkin pie. The least expensive place? Houston. The team at Strawberry Shortcake analyzed the cost of a pumpkin pie at five different retailers in 50 cities across the nation.

San Francisco revealed to be home to the most expensive pumpkin pies this Thanksgiving

Rank City State Avg. cost of a pumpkin pie
1 San Francisco California $9.87
2 New York City New York $9.40
3 Sacramento California $9.28
4 Oakland California $9.14
5 Los Angeles California $8.88
6 Boston Massachusetts $8.68
7 Fresno California $8.10
8 San Jose California $8.07
9 Baltimore Maryland $8.04
10 Philadelphia Pennsylvania $7.97

San Francisco is the most expensive city for pumpkin pie ($9.87). On average, the data reveals that the cost of a pumpkin pie in the U.S. is $7.43. Houston is revealed to be the cheapest city for pumpkin pie in 2023, costing residents just $5.96 on average.

Apple pie and pumpkin pie are the most searched-for recipes in the US, with annual search volumes of 2.412 million 

The research also revealed the most searched for pie recipes in the U.S. Apple pie and pumpkin pie are the most popular, seeing an annual search volume of 2.4 million each. 

Pecan pie recipes are the second-most popular in the country, searched for 1.32 million times a year across the nation. Coming in third are recipes for key lime pie, with 888k yearly searches. 

Sweet potato pie recipes come in fourth, with 726,000 annual searches, while blueberry pie and cherry pie recipes round out the top five, with annual search volumes of 486,000.

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