Pro-Hamas Protesters Crash Harvard-Yale Game


Pro-Palestinian protesters descended on the Yale Bowl on Saturday, but a few counter-protesters were also on hand.

While a larger pro-Hamas protest broke out during the third quarter, there were other displays around the stadium, both pro-Hamas and pro-Israel across the stadium.

The pro-Hamas supporters chanted “free Palestine,” and “ceasefire now,” “ed the occupation,” and other slogans while waiving the green, white, red, and black Palestinian flag. Many of these Ivy League students were also wearing the black and white-checked keffiyeh in solidarity with the terror group that killed more than a thousand Israeli civilians on October 7.

Throughout the game, there were other blocks of fans waving small and large Palestinian flags, according to the American Spectator.

In response, one protester on the Yale side of the stadium unfurled a large Israeli flag.

The game, however, played on without any major hiccups. Yale eventually won the game 23-18.

One blast at the pro-Palestinian supporters was particularly amusing.

Several students held up a banner suggesting that Israel could exchange one hostage for 100 pro-Hamas Harvard students and professors.

“Good for Israel, good for the USA, good for Hamas, educational for students,” the banner concluded.

Meanwhile, pro-Hamas students also protested at the University of Wisconsin.

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