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SOUTH FLORIDA (WSVN) – Days after a severe storm wreaked havoc across South Florida, some neighborhoods are still grappling with flooded streets, stalled cars, and soaked homes, prompting residents to search for answers.

Miami-Dade County remains waterlogged, with Northeast 116th Street and 16th Avenue seeing ankle-deep water. Reports of cars submerged and towed away reveal the aftermath of the relentless rain and winds.

Miami Gardens, too, faces lingering flooding, with streets in the 2200 block of Northwest 170th Street still submerged. Residents attribute the recurrent problem to drainage issues, expressing frustration and hoping for a swift resolution.

In Broward County, the situation is equally dire. One homeowner in Davie compared his property to an island surrounded by water. Despite witnessing improvement in many flood zones over the past 24 hours, his area remains submerged.

As some speculate about the impact of nearby construction work, the aerial view from 7Skyforce shows flooded rural areas housing animals.

Residents affected by the floods voice concerns, with one woman in Broward County sharing the impact on her half-built house.

“It’s just very scary and hard when you’re trying to just, you know,” said Ingrid Korkkanem. “I mean you work, you have to go to the store and things like that. It didn’t feel like a hurricane or a tropical storm but it was windy and it was just steady, it didn’t stop raining.”

Despite sunny skies on Friday, parts of South Florida struggled to recover, highlighting the resilience needed to navigate the aftermath of the storm.

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