King Charles warned of ‘the fall of House of Windsor’


King Charles was handed a grim warning from a Spanish Princess during his landmark birthday week

King Charles was handed a grim warning from a Spanish Princess during his landmark birthday week

King Charles celebrated his landmark 75th birthday this week, but amid the revelry came a grim warning to the monarch from a Spanish Princess.

The King was informed of the impending ‘fall of the House of Windsor’ after OK Magazine sat down for a chat with Princess Tamara Czartoryska, a cousin of the Spanish royal family, who advised Charles to take a page out of King Felipe of Spain’s book in revitalising the Royal family in the UK.

The Princess was quoted saying: “Just look at the way Spain has embraced [King] Felipe and his family, especially Leonor, who will one day be Queen.”

“The British Royal Family should really take note. Lessons can be learnt from focusing on the younger members of the family. It’s new blood and they cater to a younger audience,” Czartoryska added.

“The younger generation is our future, and it is in them we should invest. Society loves tradition, but it’s important in this day and age of influencers to have an influencer who is on the same level to be a good role model,” she further explained.

It is pertinent to mention that the Princess’ comments refer to the great Spanish royal debacle of 2014, when King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne, left royal reputation in tatters, and handed the crown to his son Felipe.

Felipe then led what is routinely regarded as a ‘royal renaissance’ in Spain, with his wife Queen Letizia, and children, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, at the helm of it.

Elaborating on the same, Czartoryska advised King Charles to invest in the younger royals in the UK, saying: “There’s huge interest in William and Kate. They’re exactly the kind of royals we need today.”

“King Charles needs to move with the times and embrace the younger members of his family, otherwise he runs the risk of a fall of the House of Windsor,” she stated bluntly in the end. 

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