King Charles humiliates Prince Harry once again on birthday


King Charles takes major decision regarding feud with Prince Harry on 75th birthday

King Charles humiliates Prince Harry once again on birthday

King Charles did not talk to his younger son Prince Harry on call on his milestone 75th birthday despite speculations.

As per latest reports, Harry, the Duke of Sussex, did not call his father to wish him on his big day and even if he had called it, Charles would have refused to take it.

King Charles “waves the phone away” whenever Harry calls him, a source told The Express, while debunking rumours of Charles talking to Harryon call.

The tipster shared that Harry did not collaborate with Charles’ team to schedule a time for the call that fitted with the King’s “very busy schedule” and hence, it never happened.

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“News of a phone call came as a surprise. Let’s just say that,” the source close to Charles said. “There might have been a willingness there for the Sussexes to call the King on his birthday, but it certainly wasn’t communicated to the other side in a timely fashion.”

The insider said there was no “possible moment” for the call to take place, noting that Charles had two royal engagements and a private birthday party to attend on November 24.

“The King certainly didn’t take the call during the day while he was busy working,” the source asserted. “The evening was spent with his family and friends and he didn’t have a private moment all evening.”

The source insisted that there was “no call,” adding that “every time Harry calls his father, Charles waves the phone away.”

Charles “does not want to hear from him until he apologises,” they said.

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