‘Egoistic’ Prince Harry NEVER called King Charles on his birthday


Prince Harry was reported to have called King Charles to celebrate his 75th birthday

‘Egoistic’ Prince Harry NEVER called King Charles on his birthday

Prince Harry prioritized his ego over wishing his father, King Charles, on his milestone birthday after he snubbed him from his intimate bash invite list.

Few days before the monarch’s 75th birthday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle issued an official statement, revealing Charles did not invite them to his birthday dinner.

However, sources claimed that despite getting snubbed by his father, Harry will not let his ego take decisions for him and would call Charles to wish him on his big day.

It was later reported that Charles received a call from Harry first time in months which left him delighted on his birthday.

However, a source close to Charles has revealed that Prince Harry never called Charles as he was busy all day and had no time to take calls.

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They also noted that if Harry really wanted to call his father, he would have arranged a time with Charles’ team prior to his birthday.

“News of a phone call came as a surprise. Let’s just say that,” a source told The Express.

“There might have been a willingness there for the Sussexes to call the King on his birthday, but it certainly wasn’t communicated to the other side in a timely fashion,” they added.

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