Dior Gets Slammed After Releasing ‘Scented Water’ Worth Rs 19,000 For Infants




Soon after the launch, the brand got slammed by the social media users.

Dior, the renowned fashion house, is under intense scrutiny on social media for its recently introduced luxury skincare line designed for infants, featuring scented water priced at Rs 19,000.

The luxury brand announced the launch of its latest collection: beauty and skincare for babies. In a press release, the luxury fashion and fragrance house described the collection as “a complete skincare line for babies.”

Apart from the scented water, the line also includes Rs 9,500 face and body lotion, cleaning water worth Rs 7,902 and Rs 7,900 cleaning face, body and hair foam. 

Soon after the launch, the brand got slammed by the social media users. 

A curious user asked, “I wonder what a baby gonna do with scented water.”

“Water for 230 dollars? It better have diamonds in it,” wrote another user. “WTF is this,” read a comment on a post announcing the Baby Dior launch. “230 for some water is crazy,” another comment reads. 

“Can’t tell who the bigger clowns are – the makers or the buyers,” the third user wrote on Instagram.

“Why are we obsessed with putting chemicals on infants? Leave them alone,” a fourth user wrote.

The fifth user remarked, “Babies don’t need this”. 

Speaking with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Francis Kurkdjian, Dior’s perfume creation director said, “When I joined Dior in October 2022, one of the projects I had in mind was revisiting Baby Dior,” he said. “Christian Dior evoked his childhood many times as a very happy and joyful period of his life. The scent and the baby care line were discontinued, and I was eager to bring it back to life as a tribute.”

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