Deadly Giant Cobra Invades Golf Course



A golf course in South Africa had a bit of a pest problem this week when a giant cobra invaded the fairway, adopting an aggressive posture. Video of the incident wherein the Cape Cobra, one of Africa’s deadliest snakes, could be seen slithering across the grass in an upright position.

As to what caused the venomous cobra to leave the nearby vegetation, social media users speculated it may have been to evade a predator; a mongoose could actually be seen lurking in the background.

According to the New York Post, no golfer suffered a bite from the cobra, which known as “one of South Africa’s most dangerous snakes, responsible for the most fatal snake bites in the region, along with the black mamba.”

“The critter is dangerous due to its highly neurotoxic venom and a penchant for infiltrating homes and other places frequented by people,” it noted.  “In April, a South African pilot had to make an emergency landing after a cape cobra sssssureptitiously grabbed a lift on his plane and crawled up his shirt, evoking a frightening scene from the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane.’”

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