Big Brother Final LIVE: Only five housemates remain after last night’s shock eviction


Big Brother presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best


Roll up, roll up: It’s the Big Brother final!

Throughout the past six weeks, there have been doomed love triangles, unexpected double evictions and divisive squabbles over oat milk as the number of housemates was whittled down from 16 to five.

The public will decide tonight whether Olivia, Henry, Noky, Jordan or Yinrun deserve to win the £100,000 prize money.

The favourite to win is heart-of-gold Yinrun, a 25-year-old customer support agent from Shanghai, China, who lives in Harrogate.

Throughout the series, Yinrun has won over the public with her heartwarming reactions and inquisitive conversations with fellow contestants, especially in last night’s episode, when she received an emotional letter from her mother in China, whom she has not seen for two years.

Another favourite to win is sardonic Jordan, the 26-year-old lawyer from Scunthorpe, who lives in London, and is best known for finding himself in a love triangle with fellow housemates Henry and Matty. Though he was particularly hard to work out at first, the public has since warmed to Jordan and his wry humour and unpredictable character as the series has unfolded.

At the end of last night’s episode, there was a brutal twist as Yinrun was given a letter from Big Brother and had to announce 24-year-old doctor Matty’s eviction, giving him just 30 seconds to say his goodbyes to his fellow housemates.

Who will take home the cash prize tonight? Stay tuned to find out…



The energetic Olivia is a dancer… and don’t we know it?

The 23-year-old has danced and sung her way through the past six weeks, often making up choreography for her fellow housemates to try out. At several low points in the series, Olivia has often been a welcome positive force and uplifted the mood of the Big Brother house.


In her entry interview, she said an interesting fact about herself is that she has a fear of jam.

On the most likely reason she’ll be nominated, she said: “I think when people are in that hangry state, that’s when I’ll wind people up and grind their gears. I think they’ll nominate me for being full on, and for my brutal honesty and oversharing of opinions.”

Ellie Muir17 November 2023 17:20


Everything you need to know about Henry

Henry, 25, is a food writer and restaurant critic from the Cotswolds. He has written for Vice and GQ magazine.

The writer formed a strong bond with lawyer Jordan throughout the series, and the two shared a shock kiss in the hot tub in week five.

In his entry interview, he said he is “really looking forward to learning lots of life skills, like learning how to cook, clean, or do the washing”.


He added: “I’m 25 but I’m not an adult. These are some big things they don’t teach you at school that I need to learn. And also just getting to know loads of different people from very different backgrounds that I might not get to meet in my everyday life.”

Ellie Muir17 November 2023 17:00


Who are the five remaining housemates? Here’s Noky

The 26-year-old banker from Derby is a former Miss Great Britain.

Throughout the series, Noky has been praised for handling housemate conflict in a “diplomatic” manner and has often been the voice of reason when things have descended into chaos during challenges.


She said in her entry interview: “I want to show people what pageant girls are really like and disprove a lot of stereotypes around them. I also want to show what it’s like being a woman who’s worked in male-dominated fields. I want to show that women are capable of doing anything they want.”

Ellie Muir17 November 2023 16:45


Everything you need to know about Jordan

The 26-year-old lawyer from Scunthorpe was quite hard to warm up to at first. Known for his floral shirts, dry humour and deadpan delivery, Jordan has shown more of his personality as the six weeks have gone by.

He has found himself in a love triangle with food writer Henry and doctor Matty, though he has been entirely vague about his relationship with both of them. Since Matty’s shock eviction last night, though, his focus has been on Henry.

Early on in the series, Jordan admitted that he is aware he sounds “posh” but claimed to his fellow housemates that he cultivated his accent while watching Downton Abbey.

“I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey, I watched the show as a child and thought ‘wow, they sound rather nice,’” he said.

“So, I just learned my accent from Downtown Abbey.”

(Big Brother/ITV)

He said in his entry interview: “I was quite disillusioned with life so I suppose boredom made me apply to some extent. I honestly applied on a whim. I’m interested in the social experiments side of Big Brother. I don’t really like the idea of living with people but I thought I might as well give it a try. And I wanted to challenge myself.”

Ellie Muir17 November 2023 16:25


Who are the five remaining housemates? Meet Yinrun

Yinrun is a 25-year-old customer support agent from Shanghai, China, who lives in Harrogate.

She has become a favourite housemate among the public as she won them over with her bubbly personality and heart-of-gold personality. Throughout the series, she formed a close friendship with doctor Matty, who was booted out of the Big Brother house in a shock eviction last night.


“My boyfriend would describe me in three words – quirky but lovable,” Yinrun said in her entry interview. “My friends in China think I am like the crazy mother because I always take care of them. I’m very playful.” She added that her dream housemate would be the comedian Michael McIntyre. “I would love to meet him. He is so hilarious!”

Ellie Muir17 November 2023 16:08


Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the Big Brother finale

Hello! Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the Big Brother finale.

We will be in good company later tonight with Olivia, Henry, Noky, Jordan and Yinrun, who will be battling it out to win the £100,000 prize money.

Stay tuned for live updates, recaps on the housemates’ best bits and most controversial moments throughout the past six weeks…

Ellie Muir17 November 2023 15:57

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